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Industrial Computers

All-In-One Industrial Computers from Thinlabs

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  1. HELIOS 17" All-In-One Quad Core Touch Screen Computer (TL7600)

    HELIOS 17" All-In-One Quad Core Non-Glass Touch Screen POE Industrial Computer (TL7600IP)


    Advanced Technology Innovation

    • Support for Single Sign-On [SSO] Service (such as Imprivata) & Multi-Factor Authentication Devices (U are U Biometric Readers, RFIDeas Proximity Card Readers, Bar Code Readers and more)
    • PoE+ / UPoE support for significant power savings
    • Conformal Coating for heavy-duty, rough-and-tumble environments

    Innovative Design

    • Variety of single or dual-monitor configurations
    • Available in Black or Medical White Anti-Bacterial Plastics (White Plastics require a Special Order)

    Reliable & Dependable Security

    • Available with Write Filter Management protection capabilities in both MS Windows Embedded & Thinlabs Smart Client OS (Linux) for safe, supervised addition and removal of applications
    • Optional Privacy Filters to ensure HIPAA compliance with stringent industry and government regulations, and organizational protocols

    Robust Network Optimization and Desktop Virtualization

    • Support for a variety of network optimization suites & technologies (VMWare’s VMView PCoIP, Parallel Remote Applications Server [was 2X Application Server], RDP 8.0, Citrix HDX, Citrix XenDesktop)
    • Optional Internal Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi Dual Band a/b/g/n/ac Combo

    Flexible Operating Environments

    • Choice of operating systems - Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or Enterprise LTSC, MS Windows Professional 10 or Thinlabs Smart Client OS (Linux)
    • Modern Browsers with HTML 5 Support (Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome)

    Comprehensive Regulatory and Eco-Friendly Compliance

    • Compliant with VESA Mounting Interface Standards; CE, RoHS, US FCC B and EN60950 regulations


    • Integrated RADEON Graphics Engine
    • 6 USB Ports (4 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0)
    • HDMI, VGA and RS-232 Serial Ports
    • 10/100/1000 Auto-sensing Ethernet


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